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// Main Activities

Research activities and engineering comprise:

  • Normative-technical and fabrication documentation development for the pipelines construction and repair.
  • Welding procedures development using up-to-date welding equipment and consumables for automatic and mechanized welding.
  • Evaluation of welding procedures for different types of pipeline construction environment, development of best possible welding and assembly work schemes and procurement of complete sets of welding flux.
  • Development of codes and standards documentation for quality control of pipelines welding joints.
  • Quality control of welding joints and construction and installation works.
  • Pipeline transportation diagnostics.


Complex engineering survey:

  • Comprehensive engineering surveying (geodetic, geological, hydrological, hydro meteorological, environmental) for the fuel and energy complex facilities construction design and infrastructure re-engineering.



  • Creating a GIS assisted support to decision-making and asset management systems (GIS).
  • Pipeline systems master plan development with a justification of the projected routes, flow rates, the required performance, economic costs, and return of investments.


3D modeling:

  • 3D models, GIS and databases are developed based on MLS, TLS, ALS and aerial photography data.


Project engineering comprises:

  • TEC facilities designing.
  • Elaboration, management and exercise of the designer’s supervision over the survey implementation, design development and construction of main pipelines’ facilities and infrastructure.
  • Technical expertise of project documentation, preparation of input data for the survey.<
  • Discharge of General designer’s duties and functions.


Education and training of customer personnel:

  • Training of customer personnel in 37 specialties required for the construction of pipelines.
  • Customer’s technical staff advanced training (retraining).