About us

// Senior management

Korsey Sergei Georguiyevich, CEO

"We are a young company. The average age of our staff is 32, with 93% of specialists having a diploma in higher education, and 12 of them have with a scientific degree. The enterprise is equipped with sophisticated production, surveying, testing, office, laboratory and dedicated equipment, instrumental to prospecting, design and research aimed at the fuel and energy complex build-up and efficient functioning. Currently, the Company is engaged in over 30 scientific and technical as well as engineering projects in Russia and abroad. Our creative potential and technical capabilities make us optimistic about the future."

Blekherov Natalia Grigoriyevna, Deputy General Director for Science

"For a company of our elected intensive way, the basic principle is to create most favorable conditions for improving the quality and reducing the cost of services we provide through the use of the cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated equipment and new materials. With that in mind t a new division has been set by the Company, analogous to what is generally called in the West as R & D (Research and Development), engaged in generating new technological solutions, and regulations for the construction of stand-alone FEC facilities, technical support of projects relating to the construction, repair and diagnostics of the largest systems of gas and oil pipelines in the territory of Russia."

Блехерова Наталия Григорьевна - заместитель генерального директора по научной работе