Engineering investigations for the construction purposes are the kind of construction activity, providing a comprehensive study of the natural and man-made conditions in the ​​construction projects area, forecasting interaction of construction objects with the environment, a rationale for engineering protection and safe living conditions.

Based on the engineering investigations for the construction project, preliminary project documentation and construction projects Investment Feasibility Study shall be developed along with the blue prints and detail engineering design documentation of enterprises, buildings and structures construction, including expansion, renovation, modernization, operation and liquidation of facilities, State cadaster keeping and running public information systems of settlements, as well as recommendations for the economic, technical, social, and environmentally sound design solutions.

"NIPIStroyTEK" performs a full range of engineering surveys for energy sector companies on a high professional level.

At the especially important project sites, in addition to the standard set of exploration, "NIPIStroyTEK" offers to perform surveys on updating or thickening precision coordinate net on the study area with the creation of a network of permanent stations differential corrections, which can withstand the requirements for accuracy and geometric integrity of survey data.

All work is performed in strict compliance with building codes: SNIP, GOST, MGSN, TSN and operating instructions.

Existing licenses allow engineering investigations for construction of buildings and structures of I and II levels of responsibility.