Comprehensive Engineering Survey

// Engineering and Hydrometeorological survey

Engineering and hydro-meteorological surveys  undertaken  by NIPIStroyTEK provide a comprehensive study of the hydro-meteorological conditions of the construction site, and a forecast of possible changes to these conditions as a result of interaction with the designed object to obtain the necessary and sufficient materials and data to make informed design decisions possible.

Engineering and hydro-meteorological surveys focus on:

  • Hydrology (rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands, river estuaries, intermittent streams, coastal and offshore areas of the seas);
  • Climate conditions and individual meteorological characteristics;
  • Dangerous hydro meteorological processes and phenomena;
  • Anthropogenic changes in hydrological and climatic conditions or their characteristics.


The Institute conducts the following types of engineering and hydro-meteorological research:

  • Data collection, analysis and synthesis of hydro meteorological and cartographic study of the territory;
  • Reconnaissance survey of the area of ​​engineering research;
  • Monitor the hydrological characteristics of water bodies and meteorological elements;
  • Conducting hydrological and morphological studies in the areas of transitioning slopes of linear structures in water, as well as the lowland portions of the route located in the zone of influence of the hydrological regime;
  • Statistical calculations and determining the cost levels of watercourses using specialized computer software;
  • Study of hazardous hydro meteorological processes and phenomena;
  • Office analysis of materials with defined design hydrological and (or) the meteorological characteristics;
  • Preparation of the technical report.