Comprehensive Engineering Survey

// Engineering and Topographical Survey

Topographical surveyAs part of engineering investigations, NIPIStroyTEK LLC performs a number of topographical works of any complexity and size.

Unlike most research organizations, we use not only the now traditional GPS receivers and robotic electronic tacheometers, but also own large format aerial camera, air, mobile and terrestrial laser scanners, ground penetrating radar, thermal imagers. Such combination of traditional and innovative methods of data collection, the long experience of co-processing can produce cartographic products of very high quality for both in-house production designers and external customers.

A key NIPIStroyTEK advantage is the ability to create topographic and special maps and 3D models large-scale, high-volume, high quality, in a short time and in any place of the country.


The Institute carries out such works as:

  • Establishment of planned height control geodetic networks;
  • Geodetic staked basis;
  • Executive survey of finished building;
  • Aerial, air, land, mobile laser scanning;
  • Creation of special purpose topographic plans scale 1:50-1:25 000;
  • 3D modeling of terrain and objects;
  • Observation of earth’s surface or civil engineering facilities deformation.