Georadar sounding

Georadar survey is used for nondestructive testing of soils and construction sites at depths of 0.2 - 10 m.

Applications: axis of linearly extended objects, sites under construction, concrete and stone structures, objects with a hard surface (runways, roads). GPR work is based on the property of radio waves to reflect from the boundary between media with different dielectric constants. The advantage of the method is its high performance and detail.

Displacement sensors are used for accurate spatial reference. The application of modern geophysical technology, development, software, and drilling data produces reliable task solutions.

The results:

  • Radarograms and profiles with the boundaries of the layers and irregularities;
  • 3D model of the subsurface;
  • Digital georeferenced radarograms;
  • Decoding digital content with the definition of the intended nature of the detected objects and their location;
  • Conclusions on possible consequences of the detected objects presence.


Georadar sounding GPR "OKO-2" Georadar sounding



Thermal imaging photography

Infrared imaging photography - one of the most promising methods of FEC objects examination, which controls their condition without decommissioning. This allows detecting defects at an early stage and reducing costs.

Used by the Institute specialists, it gives a picture of the temperature distribution on the surface of the object in infrared light with the accuracy up to 0.1°C.

The method consists in recording the temperature of the object field with high-precision infrared equipment and data analysis.

Scope of applications:

  • Detection of defective areas;
  • Identification and characterization of defects;
  • Analysis of the defects’ causes and impact on the temperature of the interior, the consumption of energy and the development of recommendations to eliminate defects.


Imager FLIR SC7700M Thermal images Thermal images

Imager FLIR SC7700M

Thermal images

Thermal images


Locator VIVAX VX200:

Locator VIVAX VX200:
  • Active frequencies (Hz) 512 - 83000;
  • Passive frequency (Hz) 50 -250 / 15000-23000;
  • Power (W) - 10;
  • USB connector;
  • Weight (kg) - 2.5 (receiver), 5.0 (generator);
  • Dimensions (cm) - 77h45h29 (receiver) 17h41h16 (generator);
  • Time (h) - 20 (receiver), 40 (generator).