"NIPIStroyTEK" LLC provides the full range of design and survey services for construction of oil and gas facilities. Design engineering is performed based on modern technology, computing systems and 3D modeling. The company implements complex project work and compilation of the design and engineering documentation for construction, renovation and major repairs of various objects.

The Institute offers the design work on the following types of objects:

  • Linear part of main and commercial oil and gas pipelines.
  • Compressor station of main gas pipeline.
  • Oil pumping stationsof main pipelinesoil pipelines and oil-products pipelines.
  • Main oil and gas pipeline facilities (OPS, CS, the linear part of pipelines, pig trap stations; pipe reducer crossings over natural and artificial barriers, etc.).
  • Oil-gas field site structures and facilities (pads, BPS, CPS, CPS Plants, CPF, CPF, NPS, process piping, residential camps, access roads, engineering sites, etc.).
  • Depot for various purposes, tank farms, tank batteries.
  • Bleed-off and filling stations.
  • Gasoline filling stations(including gas).
  • Motor ways, etc.

Types of operations preformed:

  • Pre-design site survey preparation and collection of initial data.
  • Development of feasibility studies and substantiationof investment in construction.
  • Formalization of land use planning documentation.
  • Full range of civil-engineering surveyingoperations (engineering and surveying, geotechnical engineering and hydro meteorological).
  • Development of technical and special sections of the pre-project, design and detail engineering design documentation.
  • Development of declaration of safe industrial practices.
  • Industrial safety examination of project documentation for the development, construction, expansion, renovation, modernization, conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities, and other documents related to the operation of hazardous production facilities.
  • Fulfillment of functions and obligations of the general designer.

Design work performed with the use of the up-to-date software programs:

  • "Start (NTP "Pipeline", Moscow) - to calculate the strength of pipelines;
  • "Hydraulics " (NTP " Pipeline ", Moscow, Russia) - for hydraulic and thermal-hydraulic calculations;
  • "Predklapan” (STP "Pipeline", Moscow, Russia) - for sizing and selection of safety valves;
  • "Isolation " (NTP "Pipeline ", Moscow, Russia) - for sizing and selection of thermal insulation of pipes, fittings and equipment;
  • Complex "SCAD Office " ( "SCAD Soft ", Moscow) - to calculate and verify the elements of building structures;
  • "DIALux " (DIAL GmbH, Germany) - for the calculation of indoor and outdoor electric lighting;
  • Complex "Ecologist" (Company "Integral", St. Petersburg ") - for the calculation of emissions, acoustic calculations, estimates of waste;
  • "TOXI + Risk " (JSC STC, Moscow) - to assess the risk and calculate the consequences of accidents at work sites;
  • Software for calculating the evacuation time (EMERCOM RF Balashikha) - to determine the time of evacuation in case of fire from buildings and structures;
  • "GrandSmeta "(Center "Grand", Moscow, Russia) - for the bill of quantities estimates.

The "NIPIStroyTEK" staff-member specialists work in accordance with the quality management system, which ensures professional performance of all applications.

The "NIPIStroyTEK" LLC staff-member specialists’ professional qualification is attested by:

  • Competency certificateon the implementation of engineering survey No. AI-135-324 dated August 31, 2011, issued by the self-regulatory organization of NP "prospector engineer";
  • Competency certificate on the design No. P-113-124-7709838099-2011.3, issued September 19, 2011 Self-Regulatory Organization NP SRO "Neftegazproekt Alliance";
  • License to carry out activities on the examination of industrial safety No. DE-00-013351, issued February 22, 2012 by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

Developing a project and working documentation meets the requirements of legislative and other regulatory and legal acts of the Russian Federation, the governing design and urban planning.

3d-модели 3d-модели
3d-модели 3d-модели
3d-model for designing