Engineering Design

// Cost Estimates and PIC Department

Department budgets and PIC

Cost Estimates Group

The group prepares estimates for the different stages of design (CD tender documentation, project documentation and detailed documentation of PD).


  • Estimates for construction work (all kinds of civil works);
  • Reconstruction of buildings and structures;
  • Installation of process equipment;
  • Utilities (water, sewage, heating and ventilation);
  • Estimates for landscaping (roads, playgrounds, driveways, sidewalks, etc.), landscaping and grading;
  • Estimates for the construction of transmission lines and substations, 6, 10 kV;
  • Estimates for the lines of communication and automation;
  • Equipping buildings with control and measurement instruments, and means of communication;
  • Estimates for gas and oil pipelines.

Estimates are compiled using the "GRANDEstimate" software package on the basis of the resource, resource index and the basal-index method. As regards the objects of the "Gazprom" LLC, the Group uses estimates standards, developed by the OAO Gazprom Equipment.

Construction Best Management Practices Planning (CBMPP) Group

The CBMPP Group is developing the concept of rational organization of complex design objects construction to minimize the cost to the customer and the contractor engaged in the development of oil and gas main transport pipelines and oil and gas industry infrastructure, oil and gas field’s development and facilities construction, industrial and civil sector facilities development.

The documentation developed by the Group includes:

  • Construction Management Plan onthe areal and linear structures at all stages of design;
  • Demolition (Dismantling) Management Plan;
  • Construction Logistics Supply Plan;
  • Tender documentation for Selection of a Contractor;
  • Collection of initial datafor the development of Construction Management Plans and Construction Logistics Supply Plans.