Engineering Design

// Electrical Engineering Department

Electrical Engineering Division provides a full range of design work for electricity at all stages of design. The main line of the department activities is to design electrical installations for operation in hazardous areas; transportation and storage facilities of oil and gas. Department specialists have group IV access on electrical safety, allowing for pre-project examination and designer’s supervision over the operational electrical installations. The Department is functionally divided into 4 groups: Electric Power Plants and Sub-Stations Group; Internal Power Supply Group; Electro-Chemical Protection Group, and Overhead Power Transmission Lines Group.

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Calculation of outdoor lighting COP Yarkovsky 

Objectives of the Power Plants and Substations Group:

  • Design of up to 35 kV switchgear, open switchgear, and 10 kV complete transformer substations;
  • Automatic direct current systems development (including direct-current systems for emergency power supply);
  • 10 kV Primary processing facilities (PPF) and variable frequency drives (VFD);
  • Calculation of short circuit current, relay protection and automation (RPEC);
  • 10 kV cable lines.

Objectives of the Internal Power Supply Group:

  • Design of electrical networks up to 1 kV control system board (CSB) main distribution board (MDB);
  • Calculation of loads, short-circuit currents, cables;
  • Engineering and design of lightning protection and grounding networks;
  • Engineering and design of indoor and outdoor lighting.

Objectives of the Electrochemical Protection Group:

  • Designing electrochemical protection against corrosion in areal and linear underground structures’ using cathode, protective and drainage units.

Objectives of the Overhead Power Transmission Lines Group

  • Designing power service lines laid along the road route and 10 kV High Voltage power supply lines with insulated and bare wires on all types of supports (concrete, metal molded and diverse profile), including 110 kV, 220 kV for the use under complex geological conditions.
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Calculation of lightening protection for the Kuznetsy GDS.

Designing is performed with the use of up-to-date CAD licensed application software:
  • "Energy CS Electrica" – to compute operation duty mode norms for low (12 to 1000) AC and DC and, in part, medium (6 to 10 kV) voltage open-circuit distribution networks;
  • "EnergyCS SCC " – to compute short-circuit current values to test equipment for thermal and electrodynamics effects of short-circuits; short circuit calculations to determine the setting of protective relays and automation equipment.
  • "ElectriCS Light "- to perform industrial enterprise specific lighting calculations for the design of lighting systems.
  • "ElectriCS ESP " - to perform main pipelines specific electrochemical protection calculations.
  • "Model Studio CS Lightning Protection " – to compute and perform automatic architecture construction of anti-lightning zones.
  • "Model Studio CS Power Transmission Line "  - to perform sag computation and calculation of overhead power transmission line supports placement on the plans and traverses to suit specific types of supports, and to derive the specifications;
  • "Dialux " - to perform lighting calculations to match the lighting fixtures.