Engineering Design

// Environmental Activities and Target Oriented Department

Department of Environmental and Target-Oriented Activities is a complex activity department, engaged in project progress tracking, guidance of projects through all the necessary approvals for the purpose of obtaining a positive opinion of the Glavgosekspertiza. The Department experts are involved in all stages of design development, including the collection of initial data and the project pre-selection site surveying.

The Department is tasked to:

  • Develop the documents on "Environmental Impact Assessment", "Fire Safety Measures", "Civil Defense Engineering Arrangements and Emergency Prevention Measures", "Labor and Working Condition Management. Operation and Production Control" for the pre-investment (pre-project) studies’ sections [Declaration of Intentions (DOI), Justification of Investments (JO)].
  • Develop the project monitoring related documents on: "Environmental Protection Measures", "Re-cultivation of Disturbed Soils", "Fire Services" "Fire Safety Declaration", "Civil Defense Engineering Arrangements. Emergency Prevention Measures", "Industrial Safety Declaration", "Labor and Working Condition Management", "Operation and Production Control" to the extent of the requirements of the RF Government Decree N 87 dated February 16, 2008 "On the composition of construction project drawings and specifications and requirements on their content".


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Examples of nitrogen dispersion maps