Engineering Design

// Production Engineering Department

The Engineering Department provides engineering support to productive activities of design departments of the Institute. It performs a full range of on-site and linear structures design for field project site oil and gas production, transportation, and storage. During the construction, reconstruction and overhaul repair, the Department provides the designer’s supervision.

The Engineering Department Priorities are:
  • Development and implementation of innovative, economically viable, resource-saving and environment-friendly processes;
  • Preproduction technological upgrading and retrofitting of production operations;
  • Reduction of raw materials consumption and labor expenditure;
  • Improvement of product quality, and increase of labor productivity;
  Functionally, the Engineering Department is divided into four groups: two production-engineering groups and two mechanical engineering groups.

1. Расчетная схема газопровода.JPG2. Расчет обвязки АВО газа.JPG

 Nominal gas pipeline hydraulic circuit diagram.                                                 Gas air-cooling manifold strength calculation.

Process team objectives:
  • Development of technological schemes of facility buildings;
  • Technological parameters calculation for flow processes and basic facility equipment;
  • Hydro test schemes development.
Mechanical groups objectives:
  • Technological concept based hookup diagrams development for facility buildings;
  • Strength and stability proportioning of structures; Computation of staking, substructure and foundation loads;
  • Designing plant support facilities (workshops, warehouses, etc.).

Development of technological sections of the project and engineering documentation is up-to-date licensed application software assisted with the use of:
  • "Hydraulic 3.76"- to facilitate diameter selection, definition of pipeline-transmission capacity, thermal and hydraulic design of branched and unbranched main pipelines, pumping gas, liquid, or gas-liquid mixture.
  • "START 4.67" - to perform calculations of strength and toughness of user-defined  pipes spatial configurations, the calculation of individual elements of the pipeline: the durability and stability of the pipe sections, the endurance of elbows, reducers, tees, caps, sealing flange connections, durability of steam generation plant insulation, expansion cancellers’ dimensions, computation of pipelines with sections trapped in the soil.
  • "ASTRA NOVA 2011" designed to facilitate  calibration checking calculations pertaining to user-defined spatial and long branched and unbranched pipeline systems for static and cyclic strength; acelerograms and spectra- specified seismic impact response; vibration survival strength for steady mono-and polyharmonic vibrations and unsteady dynamic processes.
  • "Start- orifice" - to facilitate determination of pipeline tie-in joint mobility (compliance) when connected to shells and heads of vessels and vehicles.
  • "Insulation 2.35" - to facilitate calculation and selection of thermal insulation, and the design of pipelines, valves and equipment insulating set up.
  • "Predklapan" (PreValve) is software used to calculate the flow area of the safety valves of direct action, determine their number, valve brand, spring reference numbers, delivery or weight and the number of goods, hydraulic calculation of inlet and outlet pipes and selection of their diameter, noise band, safety valves and specification explication.