Engineering Design

// Sanitary Engineering Department

Sanitary department is a complex multi-profile department. It performs design work in several areas: heating systems, heating and ventilation, water supply and sewerage, water and foam fire fighting, gaseous fire suppression, as well as examination of the subcontractors’ projects. Specialists from the Department perform all phases of design, from project pre selection meetings and general engineering solutions formulation to development of construction project drawings and specifications, as well as entail engineering design documentation. We offer our services to assist in project progress tracking until receiving favorable opinion from the State expertise.

The Heating, Ventilation and Heat Networks Group provides services in:

  • Collection and compilation of initial data;
  • Design of heating systems (autonomous heat sources, heating systems, individual heating, central heating station);
  • Design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • Implementation of hydraulic and thermo technical calculations.

Water Supply and Sanitation Group develops the following design documentation on:

  • External supply networks of drinking, household maintenance, recycling and fire-water supply;
  • External networks of household, industrial and storm sewer;
  • Internal supply systems for household , technical, and storm water drainage;
  • Produces hydraulic calculations, balance, selection of running-water, firefighting water and sewage pumping stations, reservoirs, sewage treatment plants and industrial run-off.

The Gaseous Fire Suppression Group is engaged in:

  • Design of automatic Gaseous Fire Suppression systems using modules of high pressure;
  • Design of centralized low-pressure-based isometric modules used for liquid carbon dioxide;
  • Mass fire extinguishing agent calculation, hydraulic calculations, and equipment selection.