Department of Geographic Information Technologies, "NIPIStroyTEK " LLC , provides:

  • Digital aerial photography in visible and infrared spectral bands;
  • Airborne laser scanning;
  • Mobile laser scanning using a/m and other platforms;
  • Terrestrial laser scanning;
  • Filming underground or hidden objects using ground penetrating radar and thermal imaging;
  • Development and creation of our own GIS and decision support systems using materials of surveys conducted by "NIPIStroyTEK", and/or data provided by the Customer;
  • Facility nondestructive diagnostics data and executive summary assessment of structural components ("NIPIStroyTEK" generated diagnosis).

"NIPIStroyTEK" enables creation of presentations and project deliverables at all workflow steps, which are:

  • Virtual models of the terrain and objects with the possibility of three-dimensional navigation and online spatial queries to the data;
  • Production of videos and animations as illustration of project progress and its goals;
  • Production of thematic maps, atlases, photomosaics with application of materials supplied by other producers.

  • Tomsk city urban development 3D model

    Obtained as a result of laser scanning, a three-dimensional model of an urban land area has been complemented by data on the underground utility lines and attribute-based information.

  • Modern technology of three-dimensional terrain modeling

    This consists of a combined application of three-dimensional modeling technology with date obtained by aerial photography, terrestrial surveys and thermal imaging, as well as the application of automated pipelines tracing to the engineering design, construction and operation of pipelines.

  • "Moscow - Suzemka" railway section mobile laser scanning

    The video presentation highlights the mobile laser scanning (point cloud) data obtained by the railway survey. The points can be textured based on the color of the photographs obtained by scanning with the digital cameras integrated into the system, as well as colorized in accordance with various parameters, such as laser reflection intensity or elevation.

  • Mobile laser scanning

    The process of surveying with the use of a mobile laser scanner; system mounting and dismounting on a vehicle; an example of the data obtained during the survey.

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