"NIPIStroyTEK" LLC, recognized for its state-of-the-art-equipment and research laboratories, is a prominent player in pilot industrial research and production, development of nondestructive testing methods, metallographical research, pioneering approach to welding applications and innovative mind-set on welding materials. Our advanced scientific team and facilities are part of wide ranging research and testing activities to guarantee the Fuel and Energy Complex (FEC) conformity with the latest scientific and technological advancements. They are involved in the welding procedures and non-destructive testing technology development, qualification tests and validation, industrial infusion  in construction and repair at various installations, such as:

  • Long distance and commercial gas and oil pipelines, industrial and  product pipelines belonging to the oil and gas complex;
  • Offshore pipelines and facilities construction in the shelf area;
  • Stand-alone oil and gas industry facilities under construction  in adverse climatic conditions, earthquake prone zones or similar;
  • Compressor and booster stations;
  • Product pipelines transporting corrosion-active substances;
  • Offshore and onshore pipelines engineered  in the framework of international projects in accordance with the standards of DNV - OS-F101, API 1104 and others;
  • Tank farms, etc.