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"NIPIStroyTEK" LLC accredited testing and research facility has the most sophisticated equipment available for advanced testing of pipelines welding joints, research on the development of new welding procedures and control of welding equipment meeting the most stringent requirements.

The facility’s accreditation is attested by the OAO "STC" Safety.

The accreditation certificate number IL/LRI-01136


The accreditation certificate number IL/LRI-01136

Accreditation Scope of Research facility


p/n Test method Requirements specifying document
1. Static mechanical tests:
1.1. Tensile strength of the metal pipes and welding joints.
1.1.1. At normal temperature:
- Base metal

GOST 1497-84
- Welding joints accord. to GOST 6996-66 GOST 6996-66
1.1.2. Lower temperatures GOST 11150-84
1.1.3. Elevated temperatures, GOST 9651-84
1.1.5. Thin sheets GOST 11701-84
1.1.6. Wire GOST 10446-80
1.1.7. ТрубPipes GOST 10006-80
1.1.8. Steel reinforcement static tension test GOST 12004-81 (1995)

Reinforcement and welding inserts
Rupture, shearing, tear-resistance testing of  welding inserts and  reinforcement welding  joints and inserts used in reinforcement of concrete structures

GOST 10922-90
1.3. Compressive strength GOST 25.503-97
1.4. Bending strength GOST 14019-80
GOST 14019-2003
GOST 6996-66
RD 03-495-02

Mechanical impact testing

2.1. Toughness of metal pipes and welds
2.1.1. The blow-bending strength at low, ambient and elevated temperatures with GOST 9454-78
GOST 6996-66
2.2. Propensity to mechanical aging impact test method GOST 7268-82
3. Methods for measuring the hardness
3.1. Brinell (ball-pressure) GOST 9012-59
3.3. Vickers (regular four-sided diamond  pyramid tip indentation) GOST 2999-75
3.4. Rockwell hardness (diamond cone or steel ball tip indentation in the surface of the sample (the product) GOST 9013-59
3.5. By Super-Rockwell (diamond cone or steel ball indentation in the surface of the sample (the product))
GOST 22975-78
3.8. Micro hardness (diamond tips indentation)
GOST 9450-76
6. Materials structure studying methods

Metallographic studies

6.1.1. Quantifying nonmetallic impurities GOST 1778-70
(ИСО 4967-79)
6.1.2. Grain grading  GOST 5639-82,
6.1.3. Determination of the depth of decarbonized layer GOST 1763-68
6.1.4. Ferrite phase content determination GOST 11878-66
6.1.6. Determining the degree of pearlite spheroidization OST 34-70-690-84

Macroscopic analysis, including analysis ofbreaks in welds

GOST 10243-75
GOST 5640-82
RD 24.200.04-90
RD 03-495-02

Analysis of fracture by stereoscopic fractography

R 50-54-22-87
7. Methods for determination of elements

Spectral analysis

Equipment Operational manual
7.1.2. Photoelectric spectral analysis GOST 18895-97

Special types (methods) tests *

Special   methodology

* Identification of the banded structure of ferrite-pearlite steels in accordance with GOST 5640;

* Static bending tests in accordance with the Bovanenkovo - Ukhta main gas pipeline welding Instructions for operating pressures up to 11 8MPa;

* Determination of diffusion hydrogen content in the weld metal and the welding metal joints according to GOST 23338-91.