Tests are carried out to verify that the mechanical properties of the weld and base metal meet the requirements of the applicable rules and regulations..

Tests provide for:

  • Assessment of the strength and reliability of welding joints and structures;
  • Assessment of the quality of basic and filler metal;
  • Evaluation of the chosen technologies;
  • Assessment of welder’s qualifications.

Types of tests:

  • Static stretching (flat samples);
  • Static stretching (cylindrical samples);
  • Static bending;
  • Impact test;
  • Dynamic testing and evaluation of fracture toughness.

Механические испытания Механические испытания Механические испытания


  • Multi servohydraulic testing machine (LFV 300-HH);
  • Universal servohydraulic testing machine (LF-TTM 1500 kN);
  • Universal electromechanical universal testing machine (LFM 250 kN);
  • Pendulum impact (PH 450);
  • Cryo chamber (DC50);
  • Profile Projector (TESA-SCOPE 355).

Testing Machines