NIPIStroyTEK LLC provides a wide range of research and testing services to the off-the-shelf FEC facilities and facilities-in-operation to determine their compliance with the up-to-date scientific and technical requirements.

We offer the following services:

  • Development, qualification tests and industrial application of welding procedures and non-destructive testing technology in constructing and repair of the pipeline transport facilities.
  • Development of the construction and repair work-related technical and technological documentation for the pipeline transport facilities.
  • Technical support to domestic and international pipeline projects in far as relevant to welding and non-destructive testing (procedures development and test grading, welding joints testing, technical consultation and prompt resolution of current issues in the construction of the facility.)
  • Analysis and expert evaluation of the causes of accidents in the pipeline transportation associated with the destruction of the pipes’ welding joints and base metal, road construction equipment, shutoff and control valves.
  • Mechanical testing of welding joints and metal pipes (GOST R, standards, DNV-OS-F101, API 1104 and others).
  • Conducting metallographical tests, spectral and gas analysis to assess the actual state of the metal pipe and welding joints.