The "NIPIStroyTEK" LLC training centers provide training of specialists almost for all professions that are in demand in the construction and repair of FEC pipelines and facilities: welders, bulldozer operators, excavator operators, pipe laying machine operators, experts in insulation work, specialists in non-destructive testing and other specialties. Along with working specialty training, the centers offer job retraining and career enhancement training of engineering and technical personnel engineers in the organization and performance of work using the most advanced technology, equipment and materials.

"NIPIStroyTEK" LLC provides training by right of the educational license No. 029975 dated 28.12.2011 and on the basis of curricula and syllabi developed by the Institute of Vocational Education, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation for the professional development and booster training of workers. The technical equipment and information technology used by the training centers meet international requirements and standards.

Vocational training includes:

  • Theoretical seminars conducted by officers of the top-ranking leading research and development institutes and accreditation centers of the industry;
  • in-shop-floor training. Mastering the practical skills of the equipment employment;
  • training at the centers’ training range in realistic field simulation environment.
  • on-the-job training within industry;
  • qualifying examination.


Based on the results of examinations, students receive a certificate recognized by all certification bodies.